The features of the TB306 include;

  • 2-point lift
  • DnV Rated
  • 30t SWL onshore, offshore and subsea environment
  • Subsea application
  • Customise up to 6m length
  • Design package includes design report, drawings and models.


Designed to meet the stringent requirements of heavy duty offshore industry, the TB306 is a spreader bar design that will save your company time and money.

The focus of the design template has been to;

  • Save time by allowing fabrication to start immediately – A ‘ready to go’ design means no more waiting on engineering and drafting
  • Simple fab – The design uses plate and tubular construction to save on fabrication costs.
  • Robust Design – Rated to DnV codes, this spreader stands up to the elements of offshore use.
  • Subsea Enviroment – Rated for subsea lifts so you know its safe for marine environments
  • Approved Design & Drawings – The design package includes approved design reports signed ready for client submission
  • One design with Unlimited uses. – Customise the design to match the exact spacing of your lifted object.
  • In-house design – Design based on 40 years of experience from our in-house structural engineers.

Save time and money by meeting project schedules today.