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lift beam

lift beam - from lifted to installed

Need a lifting device that exactly meets your project’s requirements?

Would you like to incorporate smart features that make lifting easier and saves on precious crane time?

Our team of engineers can design a custom made lift beams to suit your required design environment and load.

All lift beams are certified by a registered engineer and approved for construction.

Rigging details can also be included in the lift beam design package.

Lift Design Environments

Onshore and Yard lifts
Minimal dynamics
Offshore and Boat lifts
Moderate Dynamics
Subsea Operations lift
Significant Dynamics

case study

Our renowned engineers met the challenge of designing a lift beam that could lift over 56t of concrete mattress.

  • Design of a ultra-light weight space frame/truss lift beam
  • Accommodate range of lengths from 10m to 42m mattresses
  • Meet challenging crane hook limits and height restrictions
  • Transportable frame with connectable sections
  • Suitable for subsea lowering operations
  • Remote release function minimising the risk to personnel

Subcon requires 40m lift frame for subsea concrete mattress installation

Design Standards

Australian Code Compliant
AS1666/AS 4991
Standard Offshore Units
Subsea Operations Approved

Choosing the right design code is vital for ensuring the lift beam meets the client requirements. This aids in selection of load factors, dynamic amplification factor, safety factor in the design.

Temporary life. Multiple use lifting device. Remote release. Shackles. Hydraulic cylinders.

Design Templates

We also have an existing range of lift beam designs options that can save you time and budget.

The designs are fully compliant with Australian and Offshore DNV standards.

The drawings are also pre-approved and ready for construction.

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how can we help you?

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Think Structural was engaged to complete a stability assessment using SACS computer modelling software. The model greatly improved the accuracy of the stability design which previously relied on scaling of empirical test data. The results provided from Andrew’s stability analysis greatly improved the efficiency of the design and provided us with considerable saving to the project.

Andrew Kikeros
Lead Project Engineer, Subcon Technologies

Looking for a lift beam designed to meet your requirements?