structural inspections – from defect to repair


structural inspections – from defect to repair

Do you have a defect or damage that requires inspection by a certified engineer?

Clients who have damaged structures can request a site inspection that will aim to identify the cause of the damage.

Commonly the engineer will provide an assessment of the extent of damage and provide this information in a dilapidation report. This report can be used to highlight the extent of the damage and propose a plan of repair.The report will include an extensive photo library of the structure. The engineer may also recommend a remediation strategy.

Our engineers are certified and suitable for general purpose, residential, commercial and industrial area inspections. We can also supervise the full scale repairs of the damage.

Think Structural has experience in;

  • Commercial Building inspections
  • Concrete Structure Inspections
  • Steel Structure Inspections
  • Offshore Inspections
  • Lift Beam Inspections

Our inspections are independent and in-depth. We consider all factors the may contributed to the defect to ensure it never happens again.

We consider the safety of personnel as well as the operational aspect of the structure. This way we can focus on the safety of people involved.

We inspect under your supervision so that our presence is seamless and integrated. We work quickly to provide reports that are helpful and concise.

how can we help you?

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Think Structural was engaged to complete a stability assessment using SACS computer modelling software. The model greatly improved the accuracy of the stability design which previously relied on scaling of empirical test data. The results provided from Andrew’s stability analysis greatly improved the efficiency of the design and provided us with considerable saving to the project.

Andrew Kikeros
Lead Project Engineer, Subcon Technologies

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